Pausing for the Storms

Current Location: Fort Toulouse Campground, Wetumpka, Alabama

Today’s big milestone – we passed the 25,000 total miles traveled mark just before we got here.

We hooked up early this morning, said our goodbyes to those that were out and about, and hit the road around 8:00 AM. We headed north without incident and rolled into the campground here at Fort Toulouse about noon. We pulled into our favorite spot, got set up and headed out to eat lunch at Zaxby’s.

After lunch, we stopped by our storage unit and dropped off the three boxes of pictures that Malcolm has scanned and picked up three more to scan. We stopped by the house to look it over, then headed back towards the campground. We stopped on the way in and paid for one night’s stay.

Back at the trailer, we took care of a couple things then headed out for dinner at San Marcos in Montgomery. Afterwards, we stopped by Target to pick up a couple things then headed to DQ for dessert before heading back to the trailer.

Looking at all the severe weather forecasts for this week, we decided to wait to travel to Nashville until probably Wednesday (instead of tomorrow). We’re watching the weather to see what it will do in this area, but for now, Nashville is calling for bad weather on Monday and Monday night. It is currently set to roll in here on Tuesday, so we don’t think we can slip out during that time frame. Malcolm will just work at the Wetumpka office tomorrow and probably Tuesday.



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