Weekend Guest

Current Location: Nashville KOA, Nashville, Tennessee

Malcolm headed to work Thursday morning back downtown. After work, we ended up going to the mall and eating dinner at Dave & Buster’s. We headed to Kroger to pick up some groceries, then back to the trailer to relax.

Today, Val’s sister Anne came down to visit us for the weekend. She and Val visited the Opryland hotel, shopped in the mall and had lunch there, as well. This afternoon, they caught the downtown shuttle from the KOA and did a little shopping before heading to the office to meet Malcolm.

We all headed downtown to eat dinner at BB King’s. The food was good and there was live blues music. After dinner, we walked up and down Broadway, stopping for ice cream after walking through a few shops. Back to the parking garage, we loaded in the truck (Malcolm drove it to work today instead of David’s car) and headed back home.

Anne will be visiting with us until Sunday morning. We’re still deciding what to do tomorrow. Fortunately, we’ve got excellent weather all weekend.

Here are some various pictures from today.

Inside BB King's

Inside BB King’s

Live blues

Live blues

Outside BB King's

Outside BB King’s

Commerce Street

Commerce Street

Anne and a big guitar

Anne and a big guitar

A couple of singing horses

A couple of singing horses

Anne at BB King's

Anne at BB King’s

Malcolm and his new friend

Malcolm and his new friend


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