Getting Ready to Travel

Current Location: Nashville KOA, Nashville, Tennessee

Val rode downtown on the shuttle bus to meet Malcolm and his co-workers for lunch. After lunch, she did a little shopping and sightseeing and headed back to the trailer. Malcolm wrapped up any loose ends at work and headed home a few minutes early.

We went out for dinner, using a couple coupons for Firehouse Subs. On the way there, we dropped off a couple bags of donation items at Goodwill. On the way back to the trailer, we filled up David’s car with gas. We’ve decided to take it along on the trip we’re taking starting tomorrow.

Malcolm flushed the black tank and put all the sewer hoses away. He also put some more water in the fresh water tank and put the hose away. The cable was unhooked, leaving only the electric cord to unhook in the morning. The forecast calls for morning thunderstorms. We’re hoping they arrive after we’ve hooked up and headed out.

We’ll be heading east for a Heartland Owners Club rally in Sevierville, Tennessee tomorrow. You can see where all we are going on this trip by clicking here for the trip log page.



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