Smoky Mountain Rally Day 1

Current Location: Cove Creek RV Resort, Sevierville, Tennessee

We got rolling early this morning, trying to beat the rain. We succeeded in leaving Nashville around 7:00 AM with only the occasional misting of rain. We stayed in front of the rain all the way here. Other than a not-so-good suggestion from the truck’s GPS to take I-140 around Knoxville, we arrived at the campground here just after lunchtime.

Camp site

Camp site

We decided to bring David’s car on this trip which has come in handy already. The campground here is 8 miles off the main drag through Pigeon Forge, up the twisty two-lane Wears Valley Rd. While it wasn’t a problem taking the truck and trailer up the road, and wouldn’t be a problem with the truck by itself, having a small car to zip around in is a lot handier.

After getting set up and eating lunch in the trailer, we headed back down towards town in the car. We had seen a place called “Goats on the Roof” on the way in and stopped on the way down the hill to check it out. There are literally goats on the roof of the building. There were a lot of touristy items inside, including lots of shirts. We picked up some shirts for our quilt, but had fun wearing them this evening.

Goats on the Roof

Goats on the Roof

Giving the goats a treat

Giving the goats a treat

Goat eating a treat

Goat eating a treat

Malcolm's shirt

Malcolm’s shirt

Val's Shirt

Val’s Shirt

Besides shirts and the requisite postcards, we found a couple nice welcome mats for the trailer. We put this one just inside the front door.

New mat

New mat

We also went to the Lodge (cast iron cook wear) outlet and picked up a couple pans. We didn’t do any other sightseeing in town as it was raining pretty much the whole time we were there. We did stop at an auto parts store and put new wipers on the car.

This evening, we had finger foods and a get-together at the resort clubhouse. Malcolm took pictures with his camera and will load them on the computer in the next day or two. It was a great get-together. We stayed around a little while after the organized event and chatted with folks as well as made plans to head out to breakfast with a few people in the morning.




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