Interesting Week

Current Location: Whispering Hills RV Park, Georgetown, Kentucky

Good Evening! This is Valerie posting tonight. I wanted to bring everyone up to date on why there have been no posts since Monday.

On Tuesday, we arrived in Georgetown, KY, at Whispering Hills RV Campground around lunchtime. After we set up, Malcolm and I headed into Lexington to my favorite yarn shop, Magpie Yarn. After my shopping trip there, Malcolm decided that he needed to have his stomach area checked as he was not feeling well and had not been for a couple of days. After a trip to the local “Doc-in-a-Box”, they sent us on to the hospital for some more tests. Those results showed that his appendix was very inflamed. They did surgery Tuesday night.

Wednesday, Malcolm spent most of the day sleeping or resting. His aunt and uncle came to see us and check on him. We also had a visit from the Heartland Owner’s Club Kentucky chapter leaders, Ken and Faye Hyde.

Overnight Wednesday night, Malcolm spiked a low-grade fever so on Thursday morning the Doctor told him that he would not be going home that day. We spent the day relaxing and visiting again with Malcolm’s aunt and uncle.

Again, overnight, Malcolm’s fever spiked, so the Doctor told him today that is could possibly be Sunday now before he goes home. The doctor is being very cautious and does not want any infection in the area of where the appendix was removed, which we appreciate though we are disappointed that he is still in the hospital. We are also disappointed that we had to cancel our trip to see our Son-in-love, daughter and two granddaughters that was planned for next week.

I spoke with the campground today at noon about staying here through next weekend and though they were already booked full (Memorial Day weekend), they graciously worked their “magic” and are allowing us to stay here until next Sunday and I don’t have to have the rig moved from the site that we are on!

So, we are taking one day at a time right now. To those of you who read our blog and already know about this, thank you for your prayers and to those of you who haven’t heard this, please pray for healing.

On a more positive note, the Inaugural Kentucky Rally kicked off tonight with a fun and funny meet and greet time with everyone greatly enjoying themselves. I will write more about that tomorrow.


One thought on “Interesting Week

  1. Sorry to hear the bad news. Know that you will be in my prayers. Appendicitis is no fun. been there, done that, don’t have one. I am sure you will have the shiny side up again soon.

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