Family, Friends and Old Friends

Current Location: Whispering Hills RV Park, Georgetown, Kentucky

On Friday, we wandered into Lexington and decided to eat lunch at the new Mexican restaurant next to Joe Bologna’s, named Cinco de Mayo. The food was pretty good. Malcolm ordered too much and couldn’t eat all of his. His appetite is slowly coming back.

After lunch, we wandered down to a consignment clothing store that Val wanted to look around in. After that, we wandered down to Lexington Green and we wandered through the shops and bookstore there. Since we were already 3/4 of the way to Malcolm’s Aunt Margaret and Uncle Jerry’s house, we called ahead to see if we could come on down to pick up the mail. Margaret was busy working at church, but Jerry was home.

We stopped by, opened all our mail and boxes and disposed of the junk mail, extra wrapping papers, etc. before we headed back towards home. On the way, we stopped by Kroger and picked up groceries and filled the truck with fuel. We spent the rest of the evening around the trailer.

Today after we got up, Malcolm called the Old Friends Equine thoroughbred retirement farm nearby and set us up for a 1:00 tour. We left late in the morning and had lunch at Cracker Barrel before heading on over to Old Friends. We gift shopped for a while until the tour was ready to leave. Fortunately, we got to ride on the back of the golf cart. Malcolm probably could have walked the entire tour, but never hurts to take it a bit easy. He got lots of pictures (some are posted, below).

After Old Friends, we headed back to the trailer and tidied up a bit. Our friends, Denise and Greg Bishop came over to have dinner with us and tour our trailer. They’re debating doing the RV thing upon retirement and wanted to see our rig and ask us questions. Malcolm grilled burgers, dogs and corn on the cob and we had a nice meal outside on the picnic table. After they left, we drove out to Lowes and WalMart looking for a UK lawn flag. Still haven’t found one.

Here are some pictures from Old Friends.
















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