Work and Errands

Current Location: Kentucky Horse Park Campground, Lexington, Kentucky

Another catch-up post, as we’ve been busy every evening when Malcolm typically posts blog entries.

On Tuesday, we found that some of our Heartland friends, Terry and Carol Hershberger are in the Horse Park just a few spots down from us. Carol came over and said “Hi” and chatted with Val for a while. Malcolm was busy working but took a minute to say hello.

Malcolm has been working remotely this week from the trailer. It has worked out well. Val has been doing errands during the day like catching up with the laundry. Tuesday night, we met up for diner with some more Heartland friends, Neale and Leslie Behm, at Columbia’s Steak House in Lexington. We had a great dinner and a great time just sitting and chatting. They are local to the Lexington area and the KY rally last week was their first rally.

On Wednesday evening, after dinner and a walk, we walked over to the Hershberger’s trailer and visited for a few hours until very late into the night. It was a fun visit. We invited them over to dinner on Thursday. We chatted about campgrounds, traveling, family and everything else.

Thursday morning, while Malcolm was working in the trailer, Val headed over to meet her sister at her sister’s new house. They both went through the walk-through then headed over to a monument company to arrange for a monument for their mother’s grave. They picked a nice one. Malcolm had to run over with the checkbook to pay our half of the payment as they didn’t accept credit cards.

Thursday evening dinner with the Hershbergers was fun. We ate outside on the picnic table, then headed inside after a while before the mosquitoes could carry Malcolm away. We chatted for a couple hours inside before they had to head back to their trailer for the evening. They are heading out from here towards the rally on Saturday. We’ll be a day behind them, leaving out on Sunday.


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