Family Events

Current Location: Kentucky Horse Park Campground, Lexington, Kentucky

On Friday, Malcolm quit working a bit early and we ran out to take care of a couple errands. Once back at the trailer, we waited for Val’s Aunt Jean to stop by. Once she arrived, we all three jumped in the truck and drove north, stopping at Skyline Chili in Dry Ridge, KY for dinner. From there, it was another 20 minute drive up to see our nephew Jonathan graduate from high school. We drove back to the trailer afterwards and gave Jean a quick tour before she headed home for the evening and we headed to bed.

Today we were out the door about 10:30 to do a little shopping in Lexington. We headed south this time, stopping in Richmond for lunch at Cracker Barrel. We arrived in Williamsburg, Kentucky to attend our niece Jazzlyn’s dance recital. Malcolm’s brother and sister-in-law knew we were coming, but it was a surprise to Jazzlyn. She danced in several numbers and did an excellent job.

After the recital, we all headed up to London, Kentucky (where David and family live) and ate dinner at a local grill. The food was pretty good. We visited for a bit before heading back up to Lexington. We filled up the car on the way through town and once we got to the campground, Malcolm took the truck down the road and filled it up. We’ll be pulling out in the morning, heading towards Virginia.



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