Errands, Tourist Stuff and Work

Current Location: Misty Mountain Camp Resort, Greenwood, Virginia

This morning, Malcolm called into the morning meeting for work. Afterwards, he sent out an email asking what tasks needed to be done. Nobody had assigned him anything the end of last week when he asked. We took advantage of the lull in the action to head into Charlottesville and take care of some errands.

Our first stop was the Social Security office. We needed to order new social security cards. We were in and out in about 15 minutes. Cards should be waiting for us in Livingston when we get there to start the residency process.

After leaving the Social Security office, we decided to get the oil changed on David’s car since the reminder light was flashing every time we started it. The Toyota dealer was too busy, so we ended up at a Jiffy Lube, who had us in and out the door in short order.

After the oil change, we headed up the road and stopped at Mitchie Tavern for lunch and some gift shop browsing. The food was good and the weather was great. We picked up a few items such as a t-shirt for our quilt, some postcards and a couple gifts. After that, we headed back to the trailer as Malcolm had gotten a work assignment in his email.

Mitchie Tavern

Mitchie Tavern



Malcolm’s work assignment ended up being a let’s wait on a response type of work. So, he spent his waiting time scanning some of our pictures into the computer. The afternoon ended up being a wash (he never heard back on the stuff that he was waiting on for work), and Malcolm had a headache, so he knocked off early and laid down with a heat pack and some Excedrin to chase off the headache.

Once Malcolm was back up, we cooked dinner and ate it. After dinner, we did some organizing outside in the basement, then got our reclining chairs out to relax in the shade (the sun sets on the off-door side of the trailer). While we were relaxing, the resident ducks came by for a visit.

Resident ducks

Resident ducks

Malcolm decided to get some exercise and took his mountain bike and explored some of the trails up the hill. He pretty much found out how out of shape he is, but got some good exercise. He’s lost about 10 pounds since surgery and hopes to lose more.

Down hill? Sure!

Down hill? Sure!

Once back at the trailer, we both relaxed and enjoyed the pleasant evening air under the awning. Carol Hershberger walked by and stopped to chat for a while. They are leaving in the morning to head on towards the rally site in Urbanna since Terry is assisting with the rally functions. We won’t head up that way until Sunday.

Relaxing under the awning

Relaxing under the awning



One thought on “Errands, Tourist Stuff and Work

  1. Hope you enjoy misty mnt , we live west of harrisonburg a little place called Rawley springs .i guess you will be leaving there to go to Bethpage ? We will be missing that as we already had nags head booked and yes I know iam missing out .its hard to tell when the next rally will be so close we go to Bethpage a few times a year, anyway just wanted to say hi been ready four blog for awhile now and wish that was us doing the same ,maybe some day ,have a blessed day & have fun at the rally Jeff

    Jeff Obaugh


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