Halfway Through the Week

Current Location: Misty Mountain Camp Resort, Greenwood, Virginia

The term “hump day” was avoided in the title, but it feels good to be over the hump. We’re getting antsy to be rallying and vacationing for a few weeks. Malcolm got some work done this morning while Val ran a box to the post office in Greenwood then returned to do some laundry.

We decided to head out to lunch today and stopped by Fry’s Spring Station, a nice pizza restaurant we had passed the other day on the way into town. It is built in a converted gas station on a corner. The pizzas were really good and reasonably priced. We each ate half of our respective pizzas so we have plenty for lunch again tomorrow.

Fry's Spring Station

Fry’s Spring Station

On the way back, we decided to take the scenic route (US 250) back to the campground and found a nice grocery store along the way. We stopped in to pick up some items we needed and headed back to the trailer. Malcolm got some more work in this afternoon and also scanned a lot of pictures into the computer.

After dinner at the trailer, we headed out to find a JoAnn Fabric store for some items that Val needed. We also stopped by Kroger and bought some gift cards for Amazon and Target to take advantage of our cash back on our credit card as well as the Kroger 4X fuel points for gift card purchases. We then filled the truck up with our freshly earned fuel points, garnering 80 cents off per gallon.

Fuel savings

Fuel savings

We headed back to the trailer by way of Michaels Arts and Crafts to pick up some more boxes to put the scanned pictures in. They were on sale for $2.00 a box so we picked up 5 of them. Malcolm settled back in to scan pictures for a while. We got some light thundershowers this evening which made things a bit more humid, but the temperature is pleasant.


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