End of the Week

Current Location: Misty Mountain Camp Resort, Greenwood, Virginia

Not a whole lot going on the last two days. Malcolm worked both yesterday and today but is now done for three weeks. Val did chores around the trailer, Malcolm helped some. We’ve gotten some cleaning done, the laundry is done, groceries are bought for the next week or so.

Yesterday about all we did away from the trailer was to run to the grocery store and pick up a few things for next week. Today, we trekked into town and had beverages at Starbucks and updated our devices using their wifi.

Malcolm has been trying to remember everyone to change our address since our house is no longer our house. Some places are more challenging than others to change an address. Our health and dental insurance providers tended to be more difficult than others. Most everyone else lets you change your address online. Malcolm also submitted our new address to his employer, who will make it effective starting next pay period (Texas, no state income tax, woohoo!).

One picture for today, the scenic farm in the valley on the way to the Greenwood, Virginia post office:



The plan for tomorrow is to visit Monticello, Mitchie Tavern (for the tour this time) and Highland-Ash Lawn. We purchased a multi-ticket for all three locations online this evening. Those are printed out and ready to go.



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