Onward to the Rally

Current Location: Bethpage Camp Resort, Urbanna, Virginia

We rolled out of Misty Mountain about 8:30 am and hit the road toward Urbanna. It was a generally uneventful drive and we rolled into Bethpage between 11:00 and noon. They checked us in at the gate and had us pull forward to wait for someone on a golf cart to lead us to the site. We waited a couple minutes and followed the gentleman on the cart to our site, which we were able to pull through.

The sites are essentially double-wide, so we have a 55 foot by 55 foot site. Whoever ends up in the site behind us will pull through the side of our site without our trailer, so we’re staggered. It’s complicated to explain in words. Regardless, here we are all pulled into our site.

After arrival

After arrival

After getting set up, we decided to put out our EZ Up near the back of the trailer. After that was set up and we had lunch, we hopped on our bikes and rode around visiting others that were out and about. We eventually ended up over near the camp store and office. We ended up deciding to rent a golf cart for the week, something we don’t typically do because of cost. Rally participants did get about 20% off the price of a daily rental, so we decided to splurge this one time. Here’s our site with the EZ Up and the golf cart parked outside.

More complete setup

More complete setup

We heard that the ice cream shop on site was offering sundaes for $2 each, so we got directions from someone on where it was and headed there later in the afternoon. It was a small sundae, but it was just enough for a pre-dinner snack. There is a miniature golf course right next to the ice cream shop. One of the rally activities is a mini golf tournament, so we’ll be back here again this week.

Ice cream and mini golf

Ice cream and mini golf

We rode around in our cart and visited folks for a bit before heading back to the trailer to cook dinner. Our original menu plan was chicken pot pies that would have taken an hour to prepare and it was already nearly 6:00 when we decided to eat. Instead, Malcolm grilled hot dogs on the grill and we had macaroni and cheese and hot dogs for dinner. Considering we had ice cream sundaes a couple hours earlier, that was just enough for dinner.

Cooking out on the "patio"

Cooking out on the “patio”

We relaxed on our “patio” the rest of the evening. Some folks wandered by and stopped to chat. We also hung some lights around the EZ Up for decoration. We took one more quick drive around the park on the golf cart but it was getting chilly, so we headed back to the trailer to relax and unwind inside.



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