Monday Pre-Rally

Current Location: Bethpage Camp Resort, Urbanna, Virginia

This morning, Nelly was making her famous muffins for breakfast. We wandered over and visited, but both of us woke up early and were too hungry to wait, so we both had our cereal in the trailer. We had fun visiting with folks, since more have arrived. It was a pretty big crowd. Malcolm took pictures with his camera but hadn’t unloaded them onto the computer yet.

At one point, Malcolm hopped into the golf cart to run to the trailer for something and found that it was dead. The battery was charged, it just didn’t want to go anywhere. We borrowed the Beletti’s golf cart and ran over to the office to let them know. They called maintenance over and they pulled it off to the shop, then came back and picked up Malcolm. He rode over to the office and they issued us a replacement cart.

We ended up just visiting with different folks until noon, then headed back to the trailer to eat lunch. After lunch, we took it easy and sat outside in our “patio” for a while. Then we decided to head to the pool. We put our swimwear on and went to the pool. Val waded around a bit, then ended up talking to Dottie while her grandson played in the pool. Malcolm braved the different water slides and had a great time.

Malcolm ran back to the trailer and found that he had a missed call. It was the campground letting us know we had some mail at the office. We picked that up and found that it was our mail forwarded from our mail service. Malcolm picked up Val at the pool and we stopped by to grab the mail. Once back at the trailer, there was a knock at the door and Kevin Wolbeck dropped off two boxes from Amazon that had arrived, as well.

After cleaning up from the swim, we made cookies to take to the Southeast chapter’s cookout and pitch-in. We headed over there with our drinks, cookies and other stuff. Malcolm had to run back to get our chairs. There was a pretty big crowd and plenty of food. There were enough left-overs that it was decided to have another pitch-in tomorrow evening, open to everyone at the rally.

After dinner, we went driving around the park and ran across the couple that is here selling stained glass replacement windows for the trailer door. We found a design we loved and bought it. Malcolm decided to go ahead and install it since we had a little sunlight left. He was done within about 15 minutes. Rather than post the pictures here, Malcolm is going to create another post with just the installation procedure in it.

After the window was installed, we resumed our drive around the park and ended up picking up Bette Dick who wanted to come see the window. We ended up mixing up bourbon cream and root beer floats and sitting around on the “patio” talking. Then we visited our neighbors for a bit and took Bette back home before plopping down in the trailer after 10:30 pm. Phew, what a busy day.


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