More Pre-Rally

Current Location: Bethpage Camp Resort, Urbanna, Virginia

More and more people have been arriving at the rally over the last couple of days. Yesterday we spent a fair amount of time at the pool. Malcolm did some video work of folks riding down the slides and general around the pool activities. There was a potluck dinner both Monday and Tuesday nights. Tuesday night’s dinner was leftovers from Monday. Both were well attended.

Tuesday evening, we had several couples and individuals stop by and party under our “patio”. Malcolm mixed up Bourbon Cream and Root Beer floats until we ran out of bourbon creme. Others brought their own drinks and we had a great time chatting and sharing stories. All of our immediate neighbors came in this afternoon, so we can spread our vehicles out on our site knowing that they won’t be in the way of anybody coming in.

We ran into town this morning and tried to find more bourbon creme at the ABC store, but they didn’t carry any. We settled for a couple bottles of whiskey creme, instead. Word of our root beer floats was spreading around the campground. The plan was to have another mixer this evening but, alas, the rain moved in and kept everyone inside. We have plenty of supplies, though, once the weather clears up.

Malcolm took pictures and some video at the paddle boat races this afternoon. The races were a riot and a lot of fun. He put together a fun little video using some of his pictures.



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