Last Full Day of Rally

Current Location: Bethpage Camp Resort, Urbanna, Virginia

Today was the last full day of the Rally. Val went to the Heartland Gives Back event to turn in her baby items as well as assist with others turning theirs in. There were a couple of the families being supported by our selected charity this year at the lunch. Food was served and the items packed up and sent off with the charity. Malcolm stayed in the trailer since he had a headache. Val took pictures, though.








This evening’s event was another catered dinner and a band called The Beach Bumz. The theme was based on a beach theme with everyone encouraged to dress in beach attire. The band was good, the food was good and we had fun visiting with different folks. Each person also received an LED light-up ice cube like the ones we’ve gotten in Disney World before. Tonight’s ice cubes were branded with the Heartland logo.








We said goodbyes to several folks that were planning on pulling out early in the morning. We are going to take our time packing up as we have less than an hour drive before we set up camp in Newport News tomorrow.


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