Fathers’ Day Get Together

Current Location: Newport News Park Campground, Newport News, Virginia

This morning, we took our time getting moving. We took our golf cart back to turn it in and stopped in the rally hall for a pretty good catered hot breakfast. We visited with a few folks that were there and said our goodbyes since we were leaving today.

Back at the trailer, we slowly broke everything down, which took a while since we had pulled out nearly all our outdoor stuff. Various folks wandered by to say goodbye. We finally hitched up around 10:45 or so and pulled out from Bethpage, waving to those that remained or were getting ready to leave themselves.

Today’s trip was short, only about an hour, before we arrived at Newport News Park. The last time we were in the area, we completely missed this park. We had no excuse as Malcolm’s grandparents used to stay in the campground here when visiting family in the area. This year we found it and what a gem. The whole campground is very densely wooded. It is beautiful. Here are a couple pictures.

Our campsite

Our campsite

View from the door side of the trailer

View from the door side of the trailer

After setting up the trailer, we headed up the road to eat lunch at Cracker Barrel, then headed back to the campground, picking up a bag of ice on the way back in. Our son David called his Dad while he was in line to pay for the ice and asked if Malcolm had opened his fathers’ day gift. We had been so busy all day, we had completely forgotten about it (it has been in the trailer since Monday). Malcolm opened it when we got back to the trailer. The kids chipped in and bought him a nice 12V air compressor.

Once back at the trailer, we set up outside for entertaining. Malcolm’s Aunt Mary and Uncle Charles were coming over along with Malcolm’s cousin Beth and her family and Malcolm’s cousin Theresa. We were surprised to see Malcolm’s Aunt Margaret and Uncle Jerry were with them, as well, from Kentucky. They had all celebrated Aunt Mary, Aunt Margaret (they are twins) and cousin Beth’s birthdays yesterday.

The gang's all here

The gang’s all here

We had a great time. Malcolm grilled hamburgers and hot dogs and the aunts and cousins brought over side items, drinks and chairs. We sat and talked for quite a while after dinner. Of course, those that hadn’t seen the trailer were given the tour. Once everyone left, we ran the trash over to the dumpster after putting all the chairs and things away outside then headed into the trailer to relax.

We plan on touring around the area tomorrow and heading on the long drive to Sheppard Air Force Base starting Tuesday morning. We’ll make a four day trip out of it, but it will be four fairly long days.



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