Waiting on the Truck

Current Location: Spartanburg NE/Gaffney KOA, Gaffney, South Carolina

We went over to the laundry room this morning to finish up our laundry. Later in the morning, the Ford dealer called and indicated that we needed a new fan clutch which has been ordered. They were fairly confident we should have the truck back tomorrow by around noon. If so, we can hook up and head on towards Alabama, or at least as far as we feel like traveling.

With the truck news in, we decided to drive over to Spartansburg and visit the Camping World there. We had a couple items on our list that we needed to pick up. First was a 15 foot extension cord for our fairly short 50 amp hookup cord. There have been a couple times we could have used a longer cord but instead chose a different site, or parked way forward on the site so our cord would reach.

We also picked up a new set of Magma stackable cookware that is compatible with our new single burner countertop induction stove. Val lucked out and found the 10 piece set (like we have now, but Teflon coated) over in the clearance section. We saved a bit of money on the pans.

After shopping, we stopped by Cracker Barrel for lunch, then headed back to the trailer. We also picked up a couple of screw-in spikes for tethering our ratchet straps when we use them to hold down the awning. We got to check out how well that works when an unexpected but brief thundershower rolled through the campground. We took the straps off and rolled up the awning when we saw more severe weather approaching (fortunately, it passed us).

We didn’t do much the rest of the evening. We scrounged around the kitchen for dinner and took it easy. Malcolm posted some travel pictures to his website. Val retired to bed early.


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