Three Quarters There

Current Location: Pavilion RV Park, West Monroe, Louisiana

We left Wetumpka early this morning and stopped in a nearby shopping center so we could pick up Malcolm some coffee and breakfast at McDonalds. We headed on up I-65 towards Birmingham so we could stop by the Camping World in Calera.

Malcolm had already picked out which toilet he wanted to buy to replace our ailing toilet in the trailer – a Dometic 320 Series. We were wanting a white one, but they only had bone (ivory) in stock. We went ahead and bought that one and tossed the box into the trailer. We then headed on up the road to catch I-20 west.

I-20 is some of the worst road we’ve been on just west of Jackson, Mississippi. There are huge heaves in the road. Malcolm thought he was going to go airborne over a couple of them. If nothing else, we expected to find things scattered inside the trailer. Fortunately, things were generally in place.

We arrived at the park here in West Monroe, picked semi-randomly along the way knowing that we wanted to get as far as Monroe, Louisiana tonight. We rolled into the park about 4:30 without a reservation and were set up in a pull-through site no problem. We got the Escapees discount (15%).

Once the trailer was set up and both air conditioners running, Malcolm drove each vehicle up the road to fill up the tanks. After both were filled, he started dinner (hobo packets) on the grill. While they were grilling, he installed the new toilet and had it working. He ran the old toilet to the dumpster along with the box. While loading the box in the dumpster, Malcolm found that there were wasps residing inside the dumpster and one stung him on the ear. It is swelling a bit, but not too bad. We’ll keep an eye on it and load him up with Benadryl tonight.

After dinner, we just spent the rest of the evening relaxing. We plan on getting an early start tomorrow, as well. It’s a fairly good haul on to Wichita Falls, Texas from here. We have to pass by the Dallas/Ft. Worth area on the way. Hopefully one of the campgrounds in Wichita Falls has a spot for a couple nights. We haven’t called ahead, but don’t anticipate issues.


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