Made it to Texas

Current Location: Coyote Ranch Resort, Wichita Falls, Texas

We were up and moving early today as we wanted to try to push on into Wichita Falls as early as we could. It was another long drive day at 422 miles. The entire trip from Newport News, Virginia to here was 1,644 miles, which we essentially drove in four days (average of 411 miles a day). We don’t normally push that hard, but we wanted to get here on a weekend so we can visit with David. We’ll be staying here through Monday morning.

We got here and got set up then drove over to a Sonic Drive-In near the base entrance where David walked out to meet us. We used the GPS to find some nearby restaurants and ended up in a Tex-Mex restaurant called El Chico. The food was pretty good. After dinner, we headed to the trailer for a short visit, then David mentioned he needed to find the mall to look for some new running shoes.

We loaded in the truck and found the mall via the GPS and headed that way. We stopped by Best Buy first, then across the street to the mall. Afterwards, we stopped by Starbucks, got some beverages and sat outside to visit for a while. From there, we headed back to the trailer and visited for a while before David headed back to base and Val headed up to bed while Malcolm finished up the blog entry.

Tomorrow, we’ll run around with David and visit. Not sure the exact plan just yet.



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