Current Location: Kentucky Horse Park Campground, Lexington, Kentucky

This morning we headed over to the Horse Park and attended Breyerfest. In case you were unaware, Breyer has made plastic horse models for years. Each year for the last 25 years, they’ve had a big shindig where folks come to buy, sell and trade said horses as well as buy accessories and just plain celebrate the horse.

We walked around and looked at the various booths. The booths were all on the upper deck of the covered arena. All day, there were various short horse shows and demonstrations on the floor of the arena. We sat and watched a few of them. They were fun and a great way to sit and relax for a bit.

We also walked around the stable areas a bit and visited a few of the horses. Several of the horses were the live models for the plastic collectible versions sold by Breyer. It was fun seeing the full-size versions in person.

Later in the afternoon, Malcolm’s brother David and his family stopped by and visited us for a while. We walked around with them a bit as they shopped. Jazzlyn, our niece, picked up a new model horse and a couple other things. They couldn’t stay for the evening show as they had to get back home.

We originally were primarily coming to see the Gala of the Royal Horses show. Malcolm was interested in seeing it because it was put together by Tommie Turvey, a famous horse trick trainer. The show didn’t disappoint. We both had a great time. In the morning, we’ll pack up and head back down to Nashville for a couple weeks of work.

Here are some pictures Malcolm took during the day.














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