Just Everyday Stuff

Current Location: Nashville KOA, Nashville, Tennessee

Pretty much life as normal this week. Malcolm has been working each day and Val takes care of errands such as shopping and laundry. We’ve done a couple maintenance items to the trailer – Malcolm finally got the front cap clearance lights properly wired up. He had done a temporary job with the wiring to get past Texas inspection. Now, everything is buttoned up inside the cap like it should be.

We’ve been moving some things from the trailer to three big heavy-duty covered totes in the bed of the truck. Mostly from the “tool shed” under the front of the trailer, but also some items from the basement. That managed to free up most of the front area and cleared out about 1 1/2 totes underneath in the basement. Malcolm estimates it probably transferred 200-300 lb. of weight from the trailer to the truck. Val also did some cleaning and organizing underneath in the basement.

Not much else going on. We had been to Costco for eye appointments last week and as of today, all our contact lenses and Val’s glasses have come in. We picked up her glasses this evening. We are gearing up for our big trip out west, which starts a week from Saturday.



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