Counting Down

Current Location: Nashville KOA, Nashville, Tennessee

We’re counting down the days until we leave on Saturday to head west. Malcolm’s been fairly busy at work and his newest co-worker in his area is down in Alabama getting last-minute information from Malcolm’s other co-worker that is leaving the company (the same day we leave to go out west). That leaves the one new co-worker all the responsibility of handling software issues. Malcolm has pledged evening email response support to help the new co-worker get his job done.

Last night, we went back over to Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream shop and tried some of the excellent ice cream they have there. They have all kinds of unique flavors. The small is $5 and is two smallish scoops in a cup. You can add toppings and other items, but we took ours plain. It was a little pricey, but it was a fun outing.

The flavors at Jeni's

The flavors at Jeni’s

One idea we’ve been rolling around for a few weeks now is replacing the TV in our bedroom with shelves to display items such as the painted horses that Malcolm has to pack away every time we move (we rarely even get them out any more to save time). We purchased a shelving unit we liked a few weeks ago, but returned it because it was two to three inches too long for the space.

We decided on different shelves in the same style to put over the dresser but couldn’t find them at any of the local Lowe’s stores. Malcolm noticed that one of the stores showed several in stock so we drove over last night and discovered they didn’t have any. We decided to buy the original shelves and cut them down to size, instead. Since it was late when we got in, we waited until today to work on that.

We took the TV and the backer board down and mounted the new (and 2″ shorter) shelves in its place. It really works well in the space. Malcolm put a few of his newer horse models on a shelf to see how they’d look. We plan on mounting those and the four that we have still packed away onto the shelves with command strips so that they won’t slide around and we won’t have to re-pack them every time.

New shelves

New shelves

With the shelves out of the way, Malcolm climbed up onto the roof to inspect our rear air conditioner. It has been blowing out musty air lately. He found that the way the drain is designed allows a little water to remain around the bottom of the coils where the fan pulls air in from the trailer. This allows the water to gradually turn green and start smelling.

Malcolm couldn’t really clean the catch tray out, but he did gently brush off any debris from both sides of the coils and put everything back together. He also bumped the trailer level over towards the off-door side a bit (where the drain exits the coil area of the A/C) to see if that would help it drain out a little better. We’ll see. Meanwhile, we’ll probably pump a little bleach up into the drain pan to see if that will help clean out the mildew.


4 thoughts on “Counting Down

  1. Malcolm, Please don’t use any bleach on your attempt to clean out the crud from the coil or pan unless all of the pan and associate parts are plastic. As you know bleach can be very corrosive. There are several spay on cleaners that the A/C folks use to clean such deposits on the evaporator coil and drain pan. I don’t recall the name or the manufacturer. If you need more specifics, I can call the supply house that I buy this product from for the name and manufacturer. It cost about $9.00 for a spray can that will clean your evaporator coil several times over.
    Regards, Jim Hutt

      • There are two self rinsing spray foam evaporator coil cleaners:
        Evap Foam No Rinse by Nu-Calgon, mfg. pt. #4171-75 (this is the one I use)
        Coil Klean Spray by Parker Hannifin Corp. mfg. pt. #CK20

        Nu-Calgon also make a condenser coil cleaner. I don’t have the mfg. pt. number at this time.

      • Thanks for the info. I found the Nu-Calgon foam on Amazon from several sellers. I won’t have time to have it shipped here before we leave, so I’ll possibly have it shipped out west and intercept it there.

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