Sizzling in Texas

Current Location: Coyote Ranch Resort, Wichita Falls, Texas

We hit the road at 7:30 AM this morning, fueling up the truck just up the road from the campground and rolling west on I-40. Traffic was light, as we expected, so no slow-downs through the remaining construction zones (Oklahoma has almost as many as Arkansas).

We traveled west to just shy of Oklahoma City on I-40, then took I-240 south and west and picked up I-44 south. I-44 is also known as the H.E. Bailey turnpike and is a toll road. We don’t have an appropriate toll tag for Oklahoma, so we stopped three times and paid toll – about $9.50 total – in cash.

We arrived in Wichita Falls about 3:30 PM. It was a toasty 105 degrees when we arrived. As this blog post is being written five hours later, our air conditioners are still slowly catching up.



David drove over from Sheppard AFB and visited with us a few minutes before we all piled in the truck and headed over to Cracker Barrel for dinner. Once back at the trailer, he had to run back over to the base for a drill. We will be here all day tomorrow, so we will get to see him again tomorrow evening.

With the lighter traffic today, we didn’t capture quite as many license plates, but still saw 30 states.

License Plates

License Plates


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