Last Few Days at the Lake

Current Location: Lake Chelan State Park, Chelan, Washington

The last couple of days have been the typical swimming and relaxing. Yesterday, Malcolm, Val and Elizabeth headed downtown to do a little shopping. Malcolm filled up the truck with fuel before joining Val and Elizabeth at browsing through stores. Dinner was grilled out when we got back.

Last night was the first substantial rain we’ve had since we got here. It was accompanied by thunder and lightning. It was still raining this morning when we got up. The plan was to start breaking everything down (since we’re leaving tomorrow) during the day. However, the rain hung around through mid-morning, so Malcolm and Cole headed into town to fill up Cole’s truck. By the time they got back, the rain had passed and the sun was out.

Malcolm emptied tanks, we broke down the E-Z Up after it dried and put everything away in the rear trailer compartment. Malcolm up the bikes up and covered them. We’re pretty much set outside except for the water and electric. We’ll all heading out tomorrow to head to Fox Island to visit with Cole’s family for a few days.



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