Back in Salina

Current Location: Salina KOA, Salina, Kansas

We left Colorado Springs this morning and headed up US24 to I-70, then east out of Colorado and into Kansas. We stopped for the night at the Salina KOA, which we stayed in on the way out about a month ago. Since the rest of our trip back to Nashville is taking a different route than we took getting here, our route will be a figure eight. Salina is the crossover point.

It was pretty much a quiet travel day today. The wind picked up about the last hour and a half of the trip. A preponderance of wind turbines bore out the fact that wind is pretty typical in this area. We must have passed dozens of wind farms with dozens of turbines in each one.

A couple other factoids:

  • We passed the 35,000 mile mark today, about 50 miles west of Salina.
  • Malcolm looked in his grandparents’ travel log that he compiled and found that they stayed at this same KOA at least twice – in 1984 and 1987.

Just a couple pics from today.

Typical Kansas

Typical Kansas

Our site

Our site

Great day for license plates today. Traveling across I-70 and it being almost a holiday weekend (and end of the summer travel season) helped, I’m sure. Total states spotted: 33

License plates

License plates


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