Back to Nashville

Current Location: Nashville KOA, Nashville, Tennessee

This morning we said our goodbyes to our friends, the Smiths, at Diamond Lake Resort and headed out about 10:00 AM. We arrived at the Nashville KOA about 12:30 PM. We got our familiar site (G-4) and went to set up. They have some new rules for long-term residents and we noticed that a lot of the older and honestly crummier units are gone from the back of the campground now. Hopefully it will help the place look a little cleaner back here in the long-term section. It’s never been terrible, but there have been a few rougher units parked here in the past. Today was the first time, too, that they actually came back and read our meter, so we’ll be paying electric this visit.

Once set up, we headed to Camping World to get a replacement water regulator. Then, on to Pie Five Pizza for lunch. After lunch, we headed over to Tennessee Van and Car Rental and picked up a car. They charged us the cheaper monthly rate since we’ll be here about 25 days. We took the car and truck home, then headed back out to look for some gel stain to finish our flexible quarter round molding in the trailer to complete the flooring project.

Instead of gel stain, we ended up with an oil-based stain that Porter Paints said should do the trick. After leaving there, we headed to Home Depot to get some cheesecloth/sponges to apply the stain along with a couple other items we needed. From there, we went on to Costco to get some things we needed there, then back to Cracker Barrel for dinner. Once back at the trailer and having unloaded all our purchases from the truck, we gave the trailer a good cleaning inside and did the dishes.

Malcolm is back to the office in the morning. We’ll be here the rest of this week and three more weeks after that.




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