On to Kentucky

Current Location: Diamond Lake Resort, Owensboro, Kentucky

(This is a late post for Sunday, Aug. 31 and Monday, Sept. 1. There was not adequate internet at Diamond Lake Resort to be able to post a blog entry.)

On Sunday, we packed up in Missouri and headed up the road about 8:30 AM. Wasn’t much traffic and it rained a bit as we were leaving. It was smooth sailing the rest of the day, however. We arrived at Diamond Lake Resort around 2:00 PM (we took our time). We checked in and headed back to our back-in site and got set up.

Our site

Our site

One reason we chose this campground (and were fortunate enough to get a site from a cancelled reservation) was that it is co-owned by Brian and Janice Smith. We had met their daughter, Brianne, via Instagram and visited her last summer in Burbank, CA (where all the Smiths used to reside until Brian and Janice decided to buy a campground in Kentucky and move). It was great putting actual faces to names and we had a great time visiting with them (even though they were busy with a nearly full campground on Labor Day weekend).

Brianne and us

Brianne and us

On Sunday night, Val noticed a post on the Heartland Owners Club forum that Tom and Millie Combs, from nearby Sebree, Kentucky, saw our trailer crossing over the bridge from Indiana to Kentucky earlier in the day. We contacted them and made plans to meet them for dinner on Monday. The Combs came over to the campground and picked us up and took us to Moonlite BBQ in Owensboro. We at dinner and visited for a couple hours before they ran us back to the campground. We sat around our trailer and chatted for quite some time afterwards before they headed home.



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