On to Lexington

Current Location: Kentucky Horse Park Campground, Lexington, Kentucky

Our rowdy neighbors at the KOA in eastern Kentucky ended up partying until around 3:00 AM. We got some sleep, though Malcolm had too much caffeine too late in the day and ended up staying up late, as well. We took our time this morning getting hooked up to head out and rolled out around 9:00 AM.

We arrived at the Horse Park about 11:15 AM and checked in at the office. Since checkout is at noon, we drove around the loop to our spot and saw that it was still occupied. Since we both needed a restroom break, we drove back around and pulled into the swimming pool parking lot (since the pool is closed) and took care of business. Malcolm walked back over and saw that our spot was free, so we headed back over and set up.

All set up

All set up

Once we were set up we headed into town to find some lunch. We tried to go to Joe Bologna’s pizza place, but parking was tight with the after-church crowd. We headed on south and found another of our favorite restaurants – Ramsey’s – and pulled up a couple seats at the bar (since they were busy and we could sit at the bar right away). We both had Kentucky Hot Browns for lunch.

After lunch we wandered down to Joseph Beth Booksellers and also wandered around the Fayette Mall for a while. We headed back towards the trailer, but stopped at a golf course near the Horse Park and asked if they had a driving range. They did, so we stopped at the trailer, grabbed our golf gear and headed back over to practice with a couple buckets of balls. We also practiced putting a bit on the practice greens.

Golf course marker

Golf course marker

Malcolm taking a swing

Malcolm taking a swing

All in all, it was a relaxing and pleasant day.



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