Heading West – Stop 1

Current Location: Parkers Crossroads RV Park and Campground, Yuma, Tennessee

Val had a stomach bug last night so she was up and down running to the bathroom. Malcolm had too much caffeine late in the day and paid for it by not being able to get back to sleep for awhile after waking up with Val at 3:00 AM. We both ended up sleeping in until almost 9:00 AM as a result.

We got rolling out of the Horse Park about 9:45 AM and made a couple extra rest stops for Val’s system to clear up a little more. We ended up eating lunch at the Tennessee welcome center rest area on I-65 south just outside of Kentucky. From there, we headed around Nashville on the Briley Parkway and picked up I-40 west.

Our stop here in Yuma is about 25 miles east of Jackson, Tennessee. Our process for finding a campground for the night involves finding the approximate area in which we want to stop (in this case, Jackson, Tennessee) and use the Allstays app to find campgrounds. For each one, Malcolm checks RV Park Reviews to see how each place rates. Parkers Crossroads had a lot of 9’s and 10’s, so we decided to drop in. Fortunately, we grabbed a spot, because they were nearly full.

Our site

Our site

This is a really nice park. The owners and staff are super nice. Since Val wasn’t feeling up to eating dinner, let alone cooking anything, Malcolm took up the park’s offer to have a pizza made (at the office) and delivered to the site for $8.75. Not bad at all. We decided since the site was so level that we would just stay hooked up to the truck.

Tomorrow, we hope to make it as far as Texarkana, Texas for another overnight stop.


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