Lakeside for a Few Days

Current Location: Solid Rock RV Park, Eastland, Texas

We headed down the road this morning from Texarkana and fought a pretty stiff breeze the whole way to Eastland. The trip consisted of driving west on I-30 to the Dallas area, picking up I-635 down to I-20 west. Eastland is a little over an hour and a half west of the Fort Worth area.

We chose this park due to the fact that our friends Erika and Tony Dorsey are staying here. They are fellow Heartland RV owners and members of the Heartland Owners Club. Some other club members – Dan and Ann Mayer – are coming in tomorrow and staying for a couple days, as well, so we’re having a little mini rally of sorts.

We stopped at a rest area about a half hour away from here for a final pit stop. We hadn’t paid any attention to the truck thermometer, but we knew we were back in Texas when we stepped out of the truck. It was 96 degrees outside.

Our site. Dorseys are to the right.

Our site. Dorseys are to the right.

The lake in the background

The lake in the background

View from the desk

View from the desk

After we got set up, we visited with Erika for a while since our rig was still pretty warm. We headed back over to our place after a bit so she could finish working. Tony came home from his band gig at the high school about 5:30 and a little later we all headed out to a local Mexican place for dinner. When we got back, we walked around the park and enjoyed the stars and watched the lightning flashing inside the clouds of distant thunderheads.

Malcolm gets up early in the morning to take the truck over to the Ford dealer in Eastland. He guessed that it would be about time for the truck to want an oil change by the time we got here and he wasn’t too far off. About 50 miles from here, the “Change Oil Soon” message popped up in the truck.

Today’s license plate finds – 23 states. We weren’t always paying attention to the plates, so the count is a bit low.

License plates

License plates

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