Dinner with our Son

Current Location: Coyote Ranch Resort, Wichita Falls, Texas

This morning, Malcolm was lazy and got up late. Val was up early and had the dishes done and a few other little things accomplished by the time Malcolm wandered down from the bedroom. We took our time getting ready to go this morning and ended up going out for lunch at El Chico Mexican restaurant.

After lunch, we headed to Target to pick up a few things then back to the trailer to relax until David came over to the trailer after his Air Force duties. He packed up most of his clothes and brought them to the trailer. Then we headed out for dinner at a German restaurant. The sunset on the way out to dinner was pretty.



Once at the restaurant, we ordered food and David and Malcolm shared pictures and funnies on their phones. The food came and it was delicious. Excellent choice for dinner.

Sharing pictures

Sharing pictures

Val's dinner (Schnitzel and warm potato salad).

Val’s dinner (Schnitzel and warm potato salad).

After dinner, we headed back to the trailer so David could hop in his car and head back to base for the evening. Tomorrow is his graduation.


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