Halfway to Alabama

Current Location: Pavilion RV Park, West Monroe, Louisiana

David got up early (for us, probably not for him) and headed over to the trailer about 6:30 AM this morning. We all pitched in and arranged his stuff in the trailer, packed up and hitched up. We pulled out of Wichita Falls around 7:00 AM.

Not much of anything eventful on this leg of the trip. We arrived in West Monroe about 3:30 PM and were all set up in our site by 4:00. Malcolm headed down the road and filled up the truck with fuel so it will be ready to go in the morning. Now we’re just relaxing in the trailer with both A/C units cooling off the interior. Looks like leftovers for dinner, then an early bedtime.

Tomorrow we head on into Wetumpka, Alabama and Fort Toulouse. We’ll be there for a couple weeks.


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