Back to Work

Current Location: Fort Toulouse Campground, Wetumpka, Alabama

Monday was back to work for Malcolm. While he was busy working, Val and David headed to the laundromat to wash a lot of clothes. Malcolm rode into town at lunch with a co-worker and joined Val and David at San Marcos for lunch. After lunch, Val and David headed to the storage unit to start sorting through our stuff, his stuff and Elizabeth’s stuff.

Monday evening’s forecast called for overnight storms as a big front was moving through. This front had been sweeping across the entire country for a couple days and had left some damage in its wake. Fortunately for us, it only produced some rain and a little thunder and lightning. Malcolm had set up the weather radio and the only time it went off was to announce a tornado watch. We lucked out on the weather.

Tuesday, Val went shopping at Costco, Target and other places. Malcolm had a busy day at work and stayed at his desk for lunch. On Wednesday, Val did grocery shopping while Malcolm worked. Malcolm had been sneezing and sniffling since late Tuesday night and by Wednesday afternoon felt miserable enough to head home a bit early from the office.

Today, Malcolm was still sniffling and sneezing so he decided to work from the trailer. Val headed out mid-morning to have lunch with some friends. Malcolm got in a full day of work and we feeling much better by mid-afternoon. We suspect he just had an allergy attack instead of a cold.


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