Sorting Stuff

Current Location: Fort Toulouse Campground, Wetumpka, Alabama

Friday was a work day for Malcolm. He was back at the office after getting over what we figure was a pretty good allergy attack. He doesn’t really have any lingering symptoms that would have been indicative of a cold. Friday evening we cooked dinner out on the new grill and generally relaxed around the trailer. We did treat ourselves to a frozen treat at DQ later.

This morning, Malcolm borrowed the camp host’s golf cart and the sewer tote that we donated to the campground earlier this year and emptied the tanks on the trailer. Both gray tanks were very full. The black tank was not so bad. After the tanks were emptied and everything returned to the camp host’s site, we hopped in the truck and headed to our storage units.

Today’s main task at the storage units was to get all of Elizabeth’s stuff that we could ready to be packed into a U-Pack cube to be sent out west. We are supposed to load everything into the cube down in Montgomery starting Monday morning. We sorted out her stuff into the hallway of the storage building and, using the measurements from the U-Pack website, taped off a 6 foot by 6 1/2 foot square on the floor. We arranged all of her stuff into the square so that it is ready to haul to the cube and pack inside of it.

Starting to sort through stuff

Starting to sort through stuff

The target square

The target square

Everything squeezed into the square

Everything squeezed into the square

After arranging all of Elizabeth’s stuff, we put all the other stuff back into our two storage units and locked them back up. David had come down mid-way during the process to assist in organizing, grabbing some of his items out of a few boxes and helping in lifting heavy boxes and moving things around. We were done by lunch time and actually had about three boxes of stuff to take to the local thrift store to donate.

We dropped that stuff off and met up with David at Taco Bell for lunch. He headed on out to visit with friends and we headed down to Harbor Freight to pick up packing blankets and ratchet straps. We also stopped by Lowes and Home Depot looking for a suitable box to store a large mirror in, but didn’t find one. We decided sufficient padding should be fine. We also picked up a lock that met the specifications of the U-Pack literature we had downloaded.

We headed back to the trailer to relax outside. Dinner was postponed indefinitely and we decided to just snack this evening. It felt good to just sit and relax after all the moving and sorting this morning.


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