Busy Sunday

Current Location: Fort Toulouse Campground, Wetumpka, Alabama

This morning we got up and headed to church in Prattville. Immediately after church was over, we slipped out the door and headed over to a friend’s house to pick up something. Then we ate lunch at Mellow Mushroom. After lunch, we headed across the road to Best Buy so Malcolm could return something. Then, back to the trailer.

Once at the trailer, our friends Steven and Ashley came over so that Steven could color Val’s hair. Malcolm washed the trailer down and emptied the rear gray tank that he filled by running the water in the outside sink too long while cleaning grill grates. We also did a few little “getting ready to go” things before heading over to Target and the grocery store to pick up some last-minute items. We also ate dinner at Taziki’s Mediterranean restaurant.

Once back at the trailer, we finished getting things ready to go, then sat down to relax for the evening. Tomorrow, we’re heading up to Chattanooga to stop by Rock City. We have tickets we purchased more than a year ago that we didn’t get to use at the time due to inclement weather.


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