Back Again

Current Location: Fort Toulouse Campground, Wetumpka, Alabama

We didn’t blog last night, but yesterday we spent most of the day cooped up in the trailer. The weather was cold and rainy until mid-afternoon. We ventured out a bit and visited a couple other folks. We also gave a couple short tours of our trailer to others. As it got closer to dinner time, we headed down to the pavilion with our dinner item. Malcolm hung around with the guys outside cooking hamburgers and hotdogs while Val assisted inside.

Dinner was great. There were prizes given away and eventually the group played games. We headed back to the trailer before the games started as we were getting tired and Malcolm wasn’t feeling the best. We climbed into bed a bit early and were up early to get ready to go.

This morning we got everything packed up and hitched up. We said goodbye to anyone that happened to be outside early, then headed on out onto the open road. Our original plan was to head towards Panama City, Florida to take a box of important papers to David at his base. However, we realized that he was up visiting friends in Alabama over the weekend. Since we were making good time, we called him from the Atlanta area and found that we could meet him here in Wetumpka before he headed back to base. That saved us a trip south just to drop off his box. We just pulled the entire trip to Wetumpka today and arrived about 3:30 PM.

David stopped by and picked up his box as well as assisted us in putting up the outside E-Z Up near the back of the trailer. We got everything all set up, said goodbye to David as he headed out and went over to Zaxby’s for a quick and simple dinner. Afterwards, we stopped by the grocery to pick up a few items, then back to the trailer for the evening.

Today’s license plate count – 31 of 51 plates.

License plates

License plates


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