Waiting to Head South

Current Location: Nashville KOA, Nashville, Tennessee

We were blessed over the weekend with warmer weather, but Sunday turned out to be a long, rainy day. We headed out mid-morning to the Green Hills mall to do some shopping for Christmas wear. Malcolm found a nice shirt and tie at Macy’s that will go with the jacket he picked up Saturday evening. Val found some items to go with her Christmas items she had picked out Saturday, as well. We had lunch in the diner in Nordstroms.

We headed on back to the trailer and spent the afternoon and evening listening to the ever-continuing rain. It eventually subsided overnight as the temperature dropped to near freezing. Monday morning, Malcolm was greeted with a snowy car. Snow had started falling early in the morning, but the ground was too wet and not cold enough for it to stick.

Monday evening, Val took the truck over to the Ford dealer and Malcolm met her there in the rental car. We left the truck overnight so that they could perform an alignment and put new tires on it. The original tires made it close to 40,000 miles, and really had probably 5,000 or so left on them, but with winter weather here, we decided to go ahead and replace them. We headed to Panera Bread for dinner, then back to the trailer.

Today, Val rode the shuttle downtown and had lunch with Malcolm. She hung around the office all afternoon and we headed to the Ford dealer after work and picked up the truck. We headed on home to eat soup that had been simmering in the crockpot all day. Tomorrow, Val will start breaking down the inside of the trailer and preparing it for travel early Thursday morning. We’ll be heading south to Panama City Beach, Florida then.


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