Lunch at the Base, Dinner Out

Current Location: Pineglen RV Park, Panama City Beach, Florida

This morning we took our time around the trailer. Malcolm did a little work and attended a conference call. After that, we headed to the base and met David at the visitor center. He got us a 72 hour pass to the base (the most you can get without a background check). From there, we headed to the flight line side of the base and attended a Thanksgiving lunch get-together for what looked like half of the base. There was still a line for food when we left.

Lots of food

Lots of food

After lunch, we went to the Base Exchange and did a little shopping, then over to see David’s living quarters. David changed into civilian clothing, then we stopped by and picked up a friend of his. The four of us went shopping at a couple of places. Afterwards, we ended up at Dave and Busters and had dinner and played games for a while. Malcolm dropped Val off at the trailer then took the airmen back to the base before heading home himself.


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