Quick Catch-Up

Current Location: Pineglen RV Park, Panama City Beach, Florida

On Saturday, Malcolm did a little maintenance around the trailer, replacing a couple slide seals. You can see the resulting How-To article here. Val picked up groceries for the week.

On Sunday, a rainy day, we headed to church at St. Andrew Baptist Church. We have some friends that attend church here, so we got to visit with them. After church, we met David at Mamma Goldberg’s for sandwiches. We also did a little shopping.

On Monday, another rainy day, we did a little shopping and sightseeing. Malcolm did some work online. It was generally a slow day. The rain came and went all day long. It was warm enough for short sleeves, though. For dinner, we pulled out the grill and set it up under the awning since it was spitting rain. A couple pieces of Mahi Mahi were grilled to perfection and eaten for dinner.

Today is the third rainy day in a row. Malcolm is writing this blog post mid-day, so we might do more stuff later. But for now, we’ve generally been inside cleaning the trailer, Val taking care of some sewing projects and Malcolm doing a little work.


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