On to Virginia

Current Location: American Heritage RV Park, Williamsburg, Virginia

We left this morning in cool, slightly foggy weather. It stayed fairly dark and overcast the first hour or two of our trip, the slowly lightened up and finally became mostly sunny. The temperature dropped all day as we traveled, though. We left South Carolina with 59 degree weather and arrived in Williamsburg to 48 degree weather. We checked into the park here around 2:30 PM and headed on back to our site to set up.

Our site

Our site

We are here for the Virginia rally of the Heartland Owners Club. The Virginia chapter leaders, the Van Opstals, came by to say Hi as we were setting up, then left us to our business. Once set up, Val took down any remaining fall or Thanksgiving decorations and put out the Christmas items.

Deck the halls

Deck the halls

Our Charlie Brown tree

Our Charlie Brown tree

With the setup and decorating out of the way, we headed back down to visit with the van Opstals for a while, then headed back to the trailer to get ready for dinner out. Eight of us convoyed to Sal’s by Victor Italian restaurant for an excellent meal. Afterwards, we all stopped by the grocery store next door to stock up on some items and headed back to our respective trailers.

Today’s license plate count – 30 of 51 plates:

License Plates

License Plates


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