First Day of Rally

Current Location: American Heritage RV Park, Williamsburg, Virginia

This morning we all got together at a nearby home of the Barnetts, some of the Heartland Owners Group members. They fixed pancakes and the rest of us brought other breakfast items. We had an enjoyable time visiting and eating breakfast together. We visited until nearly noon before everyone dispersed.

Ready for breakfast

Ready for breakfast

Pancakes nearly gone

Pancakes nearly gone

We headed back to the trailer where Malcolm had a noon phone call for work. After that was done, we loaded up our laundry and headed to the laundry room. We started the wash and went over to the office to grab some postcards. We filled out postcards while the laundry washed. Once the laundry was done, we returned to the trailer and put the laundry away. Afterwards, we fixed our pitch-in item for the evening’s dinner – a taco salad.

Dinner was homemade pizza on the grill and it was excellent. We didn’t get any pictures of the festivities. We all sat around and talked for a while after dinner before heading back to our trailers.


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