Top Ten Campgrounds

Malcolm has been keeping track of all kinds of data revolving around where we’ve stayed and how far we’ve traveled. For example, he can tell you how many miles we have on the trailer (see the statistics widget in the right-hand column of our blog), how many miles we have pulled the trailer with our truck and even how many miles we have on our trailer’s tires.

One thing Malcolm added to his spreadsheet of travel statistics is how many days we’ve stayed at different campgrounds. Some interesting statistics popped out of the results. So, for the first 816 days of our full-timing career, here are the top ten campgrounds we have stayed in by number of total days spent in each one:

  1. Fort Toulouse Campground, Wetumpka, Alabama, 357 days. No surprise here. This is the campground we stayed in for the first four months of our full-timing and due to the way Malcolm’s work/travel schedule works out, we spent quite a bit of time here off and on through 2013 and part of 2014. The actual number of days was a little higher than Malcolm would have guessed.
  2. Nashville KOA, Nashville, Tennessee, 88 days. This one didn’t surprise, either. Since selling our house earlier this year, Malcolm has been working primarily at the Nashville office so the KOA has become our new “home” when working.
  3. Vacationer RV Park, El Cajon, California, 28 days. This was another work stint. Initially, we were going to be here three weeks, but extended another week while Malcolm worked up the road in San Diego. This is the longest single stay on our list outside of Fort Toulouse.
  4. Traders Village RV Park, Houston, Texas, 22 days. This was split among three visits, again typically for Malcolm to work in the Houston office.
  5. Kentucky Horse Park Campground, Lexington, Kentucky, 20 days. This is the highest number of days stayed for someplace that was not for Malcolm’s work and is split among several different visits. However, we have family in the area and we originally lived in Lexington after we were married. Plus, it’s a nice area and we like the campground even though it doesn’t have sewer hookups.
  6. Fort Wilderness Campground, Bay Lake, Florida, 14 days. Disney. What else needs to be said?
  7. Lazydays Campground, Seffner, Florida, 13 days. We stayed here to visit in Tampa the first trip on the road, then stayed again for a week in January, 2014 for the Tampa RV Show. We are going to the RV show again in January, 2015, but staying in a different (i.e. less expensive) campground.
  8. Whispering HIlls RV Park, Georgetown, Kentucky, 13 days. This was originally going to be a five-day stay for a rally, but Malcolm ended up in the hospital with his appendix, so we spent the next week there while he recuperated.
  9. Pineglen RV Park, Panama City Beach, Florida, 12 days. We spent one night here in early 2013 and now that our son is stationed nearby at Tyndall Air Force Base, we just recently stayed there for 11 days for the Thanksgiving holiday.
  10. Two Rivers Campground, Nashville, Tennessee, 12 days. This was another work-related stay. We tried out Two Rivers before settling on the Nashville KOA for our home base while Malcolm works in Nashville.

Malcolm is playing with some other statistics that we might post from time to time.


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