The Rest of the Rally

Current Location: American Heritage RV Park, Williamsburg, Virginia

On the second day of rally….

On Saturday, several folks congregated early in the rally hall at the campground and fixed a great breakfast. We all sat around and talked until it was nearly lunch time. Saturday was also a very rainy day. Several of the ladies decided to go shopping and leave the men behind. Malcolm sat around the trailer and just took it easy, including watching part of a movie.

Once Val was back, she prepared her contribution to the evening pitch-in. There were lots of tasty foods and we all sat around and chatted after dinner, had our group photo taken, and generally introduced ourselves to the group.

On Sunday, Malcolm awoke with a migraine and stayed in bed for a while. Val headed over to the rally hall where breakfast consisted of drinks and packaged pastries. Val visited over there until mid-morning. Meanwhile, Malcolm finally pried himself out of bed, took a shower and felt better. Several of us convoyed over to Sal’s by Victors for lunch. We headed back to the trailer to visit with Malcolm’s Aunt Mary and Uncle Charles for a while.

After they left, we headed down to Williamsburg for the grand illumination ceremony. Unfortunately, it was cold, damp and windy, which made for a miserable wait for the fireworks. We were the first ones to bail and headed to see warmth and shelter in the bar of a restaurant. We listened to the fireworks from inside. After a light meal of appetizers and beverages, we headed on to the truck and back to the trailer.

This morning, Malcolm did a lot of the emptying, unhooking and storing of stuff in advance of tomorrow’s departure. The weather forecast is for rain on Tuesday, so we wanted to get as much of the outside stuff done as possible while it was at least dry outside. Afterwards, we headed to downtown Williamsburg with our neighbors, the Pikes. We wandered through several different stores and had lunch at the DoG pub. We headed back to the trailer to do a few more pre-movement chores and to generally take it easy.

Tomorrow, we head back west towards Nashville. It will end up being a two day trip.


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