Halfway Home

Current Location: Asheville West KOA, Candler, North Carolina

This morning we packed up and headed out in the middle of a cold, intermittent rain. It rained on us until lunch time. We had stopped at a truck stop to fill up the truck and it was still cold (38 degrees) and raining. Instead of standing outside in the cold rain, or heading inside to fix lunch, we decided to go a few miles up the road and treat ourselves to a meal at Cracker Barrel. The rain stopped just as we got there and the sun was shining when we left.

The weather turned nasty again as we got into Asheville, spitting rain and snow at us. We decided to call it a day at the Asheville West KOA where we stayed on the way to the North Carolina rally near the end of October. The folks here are really nice. When Malcolm asked at the office if they have LP gas, they said yes and to go ahead and park the rig and set the tank out. They picked it up, filled it, charged it to the credit card, emailed us a receipt and dropped the tank off at the door.

We stayed hooked up to the truck and only plugged in the 50 Amp cord. We heated up leftovers on paper plates for dinner to minimize the amount of dishes.

Our spot for the night

Our spot for the night

We should be in Nashville tomorrow, hopefully not too late. It’s only about a five hour drive from here, but the weather is calling for snow showers with a chance of accumulation here in the mountains. We suspect once the sun is up it shouldn’t be too bad on the roads.


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