Back in Nashville for a Bit

Current Location: Nashville KOA, Nashville, Tennessee

This morning we pulled up stakes and left the Asheville East KOA around 8:00AM eastern time. It was barely spitting a little snow. It snowed, drizzled or sleeted off and on while we drove through the Smoky Mountains portion of I-40 near the Tennessee/North Carolina border. We saw salt trucks out at one point. The temperature was in the mid 30’s. The snow up in the mountains was pretty, but fortunately there was none on the road.

We arrived at the Nashville KOA about 1:30PM central time. We got set up and Malcolm called the car rental place. They sent out someone to pick up Malcolm and he rode back to pay for the car. Once back at the trailer, we hopped in the car and ran several errands. First up was to return a cheapie radio thingie from Target that looked cool but was honestly a bit junky. It quit working at all on battery power and hummed loudly when plugged into its power pack. Target took it back without a box or receipt (found the original purchase via credit card). We bought a nicer Bose Bluetooth portable speaker that sounds 100 times better and is much better built.

After Target, we stopped at Pie Five for pizza dinners. We each got a coupon for buy one pizza, get the second one free just for ordering combos this evening. After dinner, we stopped at Publix for some groceries then headed to Costco to order Malcolm more contact lenses. On the way home, we stopped at Home Depot to pick up some items for a couple projects. One was to put an eye hook in the top of the UDC to hang our trouble light on to keep the UDC warm. The other was for a special project that Malcolm will cover in a separate How-To article – replacing light switches with residential rocker switches.

Eye hook for trouble light

Eye hook for trouble light

License plates for today – 28 of 51 plates found.

License plates

License plates


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