Catching Up Before Christmas

Current Location: Nashville KOA, Nashville, Tennessee

Sorry for the long pause in blog updates. We’ve been busy since we got to Nashville.

Last Thursday, Malcolm was back to work. While he was working, Val picked up the remaining items need to finish replacing the wall switches in the trailer with residential style switches. We are really enjoying them, especially the triple switch in the bathroom.

Friday was another work day for Malcolm and a day of errands for Val. On Saturday, Malcolm ran to Home Depot to get a couple items as well as had one of the propane tanks filled at the campground. Meanwhile, Val did laundry at the campground. After lunch, we relaxed for the afternoon.

Saturday evening was the company Christmas party held at Jimmy Kelly’s Steakhouse in Nashville. The food was good and there were nice prizes given away. Val won a nice pair of headphones (since Malcolm already has a nice pair of headphones already).

Sunday morning we went to the 9:45 service at First Baptist Church of Hendersonville. One of Malcolm’s co-workers attends there and had invited us to their evening Christmas concert. However, Val’s sister Anne and our niece Jasmine were coming in to visit about the same time of the concert so we had to pass on that.

Sunday evening, we met Anne and Jasmine at the Waffle House parking lot (so they could avoid the long lines of traffic for the Christmas light show at Jellystone) and they followed us to Pie Five for pizza dinner. We led them back the back way to the campground and we relaxed around the trailer for the rest of the evening.

On Monday, Val, Anne and Jasmine all rode the shuttle downtown and visited Malcolm at the office. The four of us had lunch downtown and dropped Malcolm back off before the gals went back to wander around and shop. Monday night we all went over to Opry Mills mall and ate dinner at the Aquarium restaurant. We walked around the mall for a while, then drove over in the truck to the light show at Jellystone. We headed back to the trailer after that.

Today, Val, Anne and Jasmine ran around shopping for a couple items in the morning and had lunch at McNamara’s Irish restaurant. Afterwards, Anne and Jasmine headed back home to Kentucky. This evening we ran a couple errands and had dinner at the trailer. We packed up the last of the gifts and other items to head west to our daughter and family in Seattle and south to our son in Panama City Beach.


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