Back in Nashville

Current Location: Nashville KOA, Nashville, Tennessee

Last night when we flew into the Montgomery airport, only one of our two checked bags arrived on the carousel. While we scratched our head on what to do next, an announcement came over the PA system to come to the Delta ticketing counter. About half the people on our flight didn’t get their checked bags as they had to balance the fuel and passenger load against the luggage and the luggage lost the battle, so it stayed in Atlanta.

We elected to stop back by the airport this morning to get our other bag. We headed down about 8:00 and found out that the bag still hadn’t arrived. However, it was reportedly loaded on a flight that was about 30 minutes from landing, so we waited on that flight. Once it arrived and all luggage was claimed, we checked at the counter. Our bag (along with 40 other bags) was still in Atlanta.

The ticket agent said they could send the bag on to Nashville if we wanted, so we chose that option, headed back to Fort Toulouse and hooked up the trailer. We pulled out and headed up the road in fog, mist and light rain most of the way. We arrived to moderate rain and darkness when we got to the Nashville KOA about 4:30 PM. We unhitched and hooked up water and electric in the dark. Then we headed out to eat dinner at Pie Five pizza.

Once back at the trailer, Delta Airlines called and indicated our bag was in Nashville. They offered to drop it off at the KOA, but it was late and we never heard from the driver. We suspect it will arrive tomorrow. We’ll have them drop it off at the office.

We are here in Nashville for work for one week, then we are hitting the road towards Florida.

Today’s license plate finds primarily came from the I-65 corridor states – 27 of 51 states found.

License Plates

License Plates


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