That Cold Weather

Current Location: Nashville KOA, Nashville, Tennessee

To catch up from our last blog post, our luggage was delivered to us at the campground at 1:00 AM Sunday morning. Malcolm was still up fighting a cough, so he walked out to meet the delivery person and bring it in. The next morning, we crawled out of bed just in time to quickly get ready and go to church at the Baptist church we attended back in December.

This week, we decided not to rent a car, so Malcolm has been driving the truck to work while Val takes care of stuff at the trailer. She has been doing some sewing and did laundry today. We run errands together in the evenings.

Monday morning, we awoke to no water flow. Malcolm wandered outside and found that the spigot and our water regulator were frozen. The campground’s standpipe was heated and we have a heated hose, but the middle of all of it was frozen solid. The temperature was 21 degrees.

The next few nights are going to be even colder, so Monday evening Malcolm filled the fresh water tank and disconnected the hose at the faucet. This evening, Malcolm refilled the tank and disconnected the hose. He also dumped the tanks as the grey tanks were getting full. Tomorrow night’s low will be in the single digits.

One of our son-in-law Cole’s cousins is getting married in May and his bride to be asked if we could do her wedding photography. We had offered during Christmas when the couple announced their engagement. Malcolm made flight arrangements today to fly out there. The wedding is on the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend. We’ll stay an extra week afterwards to visit with the grandchildren.


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