Settled Into Tampa

Current Location: Tampa East RV Resort, Seffner, Florida

We rolled out of bed a little early this morning, hooked up and headed out from Casey Jones RV Park. We jumped onto I-75 south towards Tampa. On the way, we stopped at the Blue Beacon truck wash and had the pickup truck and the trailer washed. They did an outstanding job. With the RainX treatment added to the truck and a spray-on wax treatment on the trailer, and a $15 tip for the guys washing the rig, the total was about $75.

At the truck wash

At the truck wash

We pulled into the park here in Tampa right at noon. It took a while to check in because they only had us down for a three day reservation instead of the full week. They managed to move several single night stays around enough that we could stay in the same spot for the entire week. It seems to be a fairly nice place. We’re in the corner nearest the neighboring McDonalds. Still not bad, though. There is a fence between the RV Park and the adjacent businesses.

Our spot

Our spot

Once we got set up, we headed down the road to Cracker Barrel for lunch, then back to the Camping World (that is just across the interstate on our exit) to pick up a few items we needed. Back at the trailer, we did some sorting through stuff in the basement and got the luggage out that has a lot of our summer clothing in them at the moment. Did we mention that the temperature was in the 80 degree range here today?

With the basement sorted out and everything packed back inside, we relaxed for a bit before heading across town to visit friends for dinner. We visited with them for a few hours and headed back to the RV Park around 9:00. We wandered over to visit with some fellow Heartland owners that were relaxing outside before heading back to our trailer for the night.

No big plans for the next two days, other than doing some cleaning around the trailer in the morning. We will be volunteering at the Heartland Owners Club table at the Tampa RV Show on Wednesday and Friday mornings. Otherwise, the week is open.


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