Arrived in Houston

Current Location: Lone Star Jellystone Park, Waller, Texas

This morning we were lazy and got going a little later but were on the road by about 9:00 AM. We went as far as Baytown, Texas and stopped at the new Bucee’s there to get some lunch. Malcolm had a 1:00 call for work so we sat in the truck, ate lunch and he had his phone call while we ate.

Miles of fuel pumps

Miles of fuel pumps

We got to the Jellystone here about 3:00 or so. It is a lot further out from town than we were expecting. Malcolm will probably have an hour drive to work from here (35 miles). On the other hand, it is nice and quiet out in the country.

Our spot

Our spot

Once we got the trailer set up, we headed back towards town to pick up a rental car, grab some dinner out and do some grocery shopping. Back at the trailer, Malcolm started diving into work after finishing his blogging for the evening.


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